Slimspots Reviews/Yorumları Türkçe Detaylar Aşağıdadır
I'm waiting for payment last 2.5 months. In this process of course I have stopped working with this company.

But I had 195 euro in my slimspots account. As you can see screenshot below, redit belongs to July and June.

Bank company getting money every process. So I didn't asked for payment for june. I wanted to get june and july together. 
As you can see second screenshot below , I should have get this payment actually in August.

And your employee Tamara did not pay with various reasons in August.

I agreed not to take the payment last month, to take it together this month because I have nothing to do.

And you Employee Tamara accept it too as you can see third screenshot below.

When it comes to today, here is the screenshot: 

So i have send e-mail to the finance ministry of germany about this problem. And Tamara send my 123 euro to my bank account( actually i did'nt get the money, it looks like payment made on my slimspots accoun…